On request I will always make a specific adaptation of the music. Taking into account will be the composition of the band, the difficulty of the score, with or without solos or vocals. Many titels can be arranged for different groups.

Over the last 15 years I tried to translate Funk, Rock, Soul and African/Caribbean musical traditions into music for all kinds of combinations of wind-instruments.

In the Bigband pieces I aspire to make a combination of the Jazz tradition with a more modern sound. The subtlety of a well written jazz arrangement combined with a lively funk or rock groove.

In the titels for Fanfare, I ty to update the going repertoire for bands like that. Write some hipper tunes with a modern swing to it.

The Brassband repertoire demonstrates my great love for the music of New Orleans. With my band De Broeders I played and studied that style for 12 years.

The catalog with Combo-pieces is the result of a career long search for nice crossover tunes for a band with some horns. Lots of Funky stuff, Soul, Latin Jazz. Also including some nice titels in the Brazilian Choro-style. Early twentieth century precursor of the Samba and Bossa Nova.

Not included is a substantial amount of circusmusic.

All titels have been performed under my direction with amateur or professional bands.

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On account of my long experience as a musical director, working with a great variety of bands, I can make a good estimate if a certain piece of music will work for your orchestra.

Original Compositions

For the last two years I am writing a lot of original pieces for bigband. Characteristics: high energy, fat grooves, heavy tutti's and with a great variety in style.


Scores and parts are all delivered as Finale-files or as PDF. See this sample PDF of the first two pages of the Heart of Darkness arrangement.